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How do I create a custom login page in WordPress?

There are many plugins are available to create custom login page. Here some are popular i can explain for you-
Tailored Login helps you to easily create a customized WordPress login page. It comes loaded with a Style Manager using which you can upload a custom background image and style various aspects of the login form. You can also add a header image from your WordPress Media Library. Tailored Login creates two widget areas in your WordPress login page, where you can place default or custom widgets. Tailored Login is available in the iThemes Plugin Suite.
  • Custom Login Theme Page Premium WordPress Plugin-
Developed by azzaroco, this plugin comes with its own set of custom login page templates! Yes that’s right. Besides being fully responsive and stunning animation effects, you can jump start your design with a set of pre-built templates. The plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce and BuddyPress.
  • Custom Login & Access Premium WordPress Plugin-
Designed by Elite Themeforest author PressApps, this plugin does more than just a custom login page. Math questions forma basic anti-spam module. You can block specific pages, posts, post types and taxonomies like categories and tags for non-logged-in users. This plugin breaks components into modules – the Login, Registerand Forgot Password forms (modules) can be placed on the same page. Although not recommended, it’s certainly nice to know that you can! You can also restrict WordPress dashboard access for Subscribers and redirect users on login and logout.
  • Pathway Premium WordPress Plugin-
Pathway is the best-selling premium custom WordPress login page plugin in Themeforest with over 500 sales at the time of writing this article. Features include customizing the CSS of the login form and background with hover effects. You can include a custom logo and copyright text using this plugin. It comes with unlimited design options so you can play around till you get your perfect design.
  • Branded Login Screen Free WordPress Plugin-

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